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People continue to say positive things about the music of Cliff Art. There are some general comments and some specific to the latest CD, The Master Dishwasher, and some about the debut CD, Elephants of the Monsoon Tomorrow.

But first, my favorite review has to be this one. Not because of what it says, but rather because it says it in Japanese! It seems like some kind of honor to be reviewed in another language. By the way, we have no idea what this says, so if it is bad, ignore it. If it is good, then right on!

Regarding The Master Dishwasher: "The songs are rich and full of vibrant color, much like the wonderful cover art. Your songwriting growth and mastery of your instruments really show themselves on this latest effort. Great work!"

- Rich Morey, Musician & Songwriter, February 2003

"Very interesting and subtle sound you have, like a cross between Bela Fleck and King Crimson..."

- Rob LaDuca, President, NEARfest (North East Art Rock Festival), May 2002

"I love the arranging and composition. It´s all very understated and well-executed. . . The second track, "two halves," is probably my favorite, the interweaving 8-string bass and two stick parts meshing perfectly."

- Greg Howard, reviewing Cliff Art´s debut CD in Sticknews digest issue #008 8/21/1998

"Thickly textured music. . . with a lot going on."

- Takoma Voice, October 1996

"The songs are tasteful and engagingly melodic, yet pleasantly complex."

- Sean Michael Dargan, Singer-Songwriter, August 1997

"[Cliff Art] makes good unusual music which is pleasant on the ears."

- Harry DeBusk, Baltimore-area musician, October 1997

"I´m very impressed with the whole CD package--the music, the production, and the graphics--better than many of the CDs I´ve seen and heard."

- Tony Galiani, Art Council Music Coordinator, August 1997

"It makes me think about taking pictures through a window through which I shouldn´t have been looking."

- Listener, referring to "Elephants Wearing Sarongs", August 1997

"Jazzy yet experimental, foreign yet familiar, Cliff Art is a whole new sound."

- Grant Moser, reviewing Cliff Art´s debut CD for DC Music Web, February 1997


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